The INDEX LOST project is an album of photos of the two authors – Yanina Boldyreva from Russia and Oleksandr Isaienko from Ukraine. The works are completed by the text, that is composed from fragments of records written by different network users and published in the open access.



This is the story of a certain place, being real and beyond at the same time, since all the evidences - beach, water, sky, fog – tell nothing about it, but can only show its abstractness and generalization.


Detached and defocused view, empty and faded landscapes, being filled with the presence of people with no specific features, don’t expressing themselves, as if they are plunged into lethargy.


Many of our pictures have been taken with the use of glass as a filter in order that intentionally a void the documentary and with draw the image into the plane of the subjective, as well as create a distance between reality and the observer. However, the camera snatched those moments where the landscape and the human are most expressive, and reveal some kind of their state.